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Cinema Scandinavia is a quarterly print and digital magazine that discusses and promotes Nordic film and television for international audiences.

We look for writers who are students, filmmakers, or general Nordic film and television enthusiasts, and accept a wide variety of article from in-depth essays and analyses, to reviews and interviews. Each issue comes with a topical theme, and we are able to assist you with locating resources and developing your ideas. You are also able to write about new releases. We are open to your ideas and will assist you in any way that we can.

All writers of Cinema Scandinavia receive a three-month digital membership to the website.

You can either write for one of the magazine topics, or you can create content for our website.

ISSUE 25 / Genre

The December 2018 issue of Cinema Scandinavia is all about Nordic genre film! From horror to westerns, crime to comedy, we want to explore how Scandinavians interpret popular genre into their own unique style of filmmaking. We are looking for articles on the following topics:

  • Horror films
  • Science fiction
  • Comedy
  • Westerns
  • Action
  • Racing
  • Disaster movies
  • Occupation dramas
  • Hollywood vs. Scandinavia
  • Popular genre directors
  • A topic of your choice! We are open to almost any article about Nordic genre


We accept articles on genre from now until the 30th of December 2018. Email us at hello@cinemascandinavia.com

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Cinema Scandinavia releases content online all year round. If you don’t wish to work with the deadlines of the magazine, we encourage you to write for our website. You can set your own deadline and topic, and you also have the opportunity to interview filmmakers and review new releases.

Website topics:

Attend a festival

Cinema Scandinavia encourages sending individuals to various festivals around the globe. If you want to attend a festival and represent Cinema Scandinavia as press, please send us an email. We approve any press requests if the festival has a major number of Nordic films and we cover the costs of attending the festival.


  • 1x review and 1x interview OR 1x essay with a minimum of 1000 words
  • You must confirm you are not writing for another publication

Send us an email!

If you are interested in writing for Cinema Scandinavia, please send us an email at hello@cinemascandinavia.com or head to our Facebook page and send us an email! 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should articles be?

All articles should be a minimum of 500 words. Reviews should be no longer than 1000 words, and if you are writing an essay we encourage them to be 1500-3000 words.

What languages can we write in?

We only accept articles written in English.

Can I write about whatever I want?

We are accepting of your ideas, and encourage you to write about a topic you enjoy. If you are unsure what to write about, we are able to provide you with resources and topic ideas. Each magazine does have a central theme so if you want to be printed it’s preferred to be within the theme, but the website content can be about anything.

Is this a paid position?

At this time, no. Our first aim is to be able to have the funds to pay writers, but we are currently not generating enough money to pay anyone. We hope with continuous excellent content this will change, but in the meantime, we offer all writers a free three-month digital subscription.

Will my article be paywalled?

All articles are free to read online for one week and after that interviews and essays will be placed behind a paywall. We can keep articles free if you request it.