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The Odense Film Festival has invited Wikke & Rasmussen to shape the festivals program, which will be running from the 25th to the 31st of August. 

This year’s theme is about a fabled reality as seen through Wikke & Rasmussen’s coloured glasses. This year marks the duo’s 30th anniversary. They said about their role:

“We will like things upside down. Films are not so different than reality, because reality is a great thing that we see in all its colors. Why not?, We have all the 30 years we have been in the film industry dealt with the story in reality. Like our process know our love for movies no bounds, and we look forward to presenting both brand new – and some old – amazing film! “

The Odense Film Festival is currently accepting entries, and the prize is 100 000 DKK and a possible Oscar selection.

Read more at the Danish Film Institute (in Danish)