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The Danish Film Institute has published an insight about the Cannes film When Animals Dream. Read it translated below or the original Danish article here. There’s also a trailer on the page!


Specifically. Trustworthy. Realistic. The word continues to jump out of the mouth of Jonas Alexander Arnby – not as cash statements, but gently and exploratory, while the director looking for the right words to put on his first feature film.

How is both Arnby and “When the animals are dreaming.” Carefully investigating. Both the director and the film has moved into a territory that is loved – and despised – to wallow in blood and severed body parts and violent effects. But like the protagonist of “When the animals dream” is Arnby doubts about whether he belongs here, among the werewolves.

“I wanted to make a coming of age story, a film about a young man who learns about themselves and thereby becomes an adult, “explains the 40-year-old director, who has so far worked on short films and commercials.

“I was quick to agree with the film’s writer Rasmus Birch to create a realistic and believable universe, but at the same time use werewolf theme as a metaphor.”

Because “When animals dream” begins, Marie to the doctor to examine some changes in the body. There is nothing strange in for a teenager but obviously point change in the direction of the mother’s illness, and will shortly Marie whisper-matic gaze of the other residents in the small North Jutland fishing environment.


“If you mess up in what landscape of varulvefilm, can be completely gone in rules and dogmas of fused eyebrows and full moons and so on. We decided to stay in realism, and it was the most obvious thing to do werewolf the theme of a disease. werewolf describes the something human – the animal, dark side of man, the sexual instinct and the urge to go on the attack if you’re backed into a corner. Werewolves theme was more specific in the way ” says the director.


Quiet riot

Specifically. Trustworthy. Realistic. The words leap as a slogan that emphasizes the conscious Arnby and Birch has turned upside down at the amazing creatures that abound at the moment in American youth books and movies like “Twilight,” “The Mortal Instruments”, “True Blood “and” The Walking Dead “.


“When the animals dream” is like watching a movie of socialrealismens grand ol ‘man Ken Loach, or more accurately an intimate family film by Nils Malmros – with the crucial difference that someone drop a werewolf loose. It sounds like a game of bullshit and fjanteri but Arnby due not at any time for ironic distance.


“It was important that we gave the disease a credibility. Fact that you could see what it meant for the family and the community before it was released – so you got to believe this man who becomes a werewolf or an animal. It has been my intention to show Marie’s quiet rebellion, and how she stands outside the flock, while she is being pressured to take on the journey where she must find out who she is. genre, varulvefilmen is just a wrapper . ”


Nothing to laugh about

But is “When animals dream” also a protest against leveraged effect movies?


“Yes, that’s it. I have fun when I see varulvefilm, but I do not believe in the beast, because it is too large in relation to man. Marie must reach to choose to be an animal. It has been important to us that Marie has a dilemma. Right after she has bitten the head of the first man in self-defense must be able to feel that she has it bad, both mentally and physically., she has incited up to use animal in itself, but immediately after she is human again. This is what one should be able to feel – it’s disgusting, it’s disgusting, she feels bad about it. It was important to me that it was something like ‘HA HA! Now does any have bitten his head off! ‘”

But you can do the werewolf, this chimera, credible?


“I hope you can see that this is not an action-packed fantasy film. Rather, it is a generational portrait and a depiction of a character. I really hope that people can take the glasses on and see that this is the real werewolf. Others are bedtime story-werewolf, “smiles Arnby.


You can always tell the instructors that they are eager to send their films, their child off on their own. It is additionally clear by Jonas Alexander Arnby to scout nervously for her little seeker movie while it moves into the dangerous werewolf territory.


“When the animals dream” is selected for the Cannes Festival and is produced by Ditte Milsted and Caroline Schlüter Bingestam for Alphaville Pictures Copenhagen.

Human instincts

During a trip to the fishing villages Thyborøn and Agger was the germ to make a movie that would take place almost as far from Copenhagen, as you can get in Denmark.

The exotic universe could Arnby and Rasmus Birch use a werewolf project that had long been simmering on the production company Alphaville Pictures Copenhagen. It evolved into the story of teenage girl Marie, whose mother is sitting in a wheelchair, lost in an obscure disease that she is powerful medicine against.

Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.