Watch the first trailer for ‘An Affair’

A first trailer has been released for Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken’s next film, An Affair (En affære).

The Norwegian film follows the gym teacher Anita, who initiates a sexual relationship with her young student Markus, who is sixteen-years-old.

Director Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken told Dagbladet much of the action has been kept out of the trailer.

“”I do not want to say too much about what’s happening, so there are big circumstances in the movie that we deliberately omit from the promo material. Nobody is served by getting a good movie experience in advance.” he said.

He went on to day that test screenings demonstrated that the film was ‘annoying and uncomfortable’, which seems to be what he was going for.

Dagbladet’s critic Inger Merete Hobbelstad was surprised by how much eroticism is in the film:

“The aesthetics, the music and the hot light and the close-ups of nude skin, have more in common with “Fifty Shades of Gray” than with Norwegian social realism. They take a relationship that is forbidden, and as most people will respond morally, between a youth school student and his teacher, and make it sexy, a seduction” says Hobbelstad.

You can watch the trailer below:

Source: Dagbladet

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Emma Vestrheim

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