Views of the Icelandic Landscape

I recently visited Iceland. As a foreigner, the landscape feels like stepping into a different universe – like peering through a looking glass to the earliest primordial days of the earth, where the molten land was still cooling and plants had just colonized the earth. No trees, only moss. I can easily visualize our distant Paleozoic ancestors gazing upon a world similar to this as they climbed up out of the ocean and onto the land.

Iceland has a population of just over 325,000, while its density is one person per 3.1 km. The vast . . .


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Sarah Hudson

Sarah is a Canadian filmmaker based out of Alberta, Canada. Sarah was born in Newfoundland and grew up across the country, and she holds a Bachelor in Media Arts from Emily Carr University in Vancouver, Canada. When not making media, Sarah is a narrative shorts programmer for the Slamdance Film Festival.