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The new Danish television series set in the world of adult movies has been picked up by UK-based worldwide distributor DRG, Screen Daily reports.

In the series, Danish actor Thomas Bo Larsen stars as pretentious film director Karsten Daugaard who agrees to direct a porn movie after his latest arthouse romance flops at the box office. This introduces Karsten to the murky world of adult entertainment and has consequences for him and his family.

Veni Vidi Vici is produced by MTG Studios (who also produced Swedish Dicks), written by Santiago Gil & Rafael Edholm and directed by Rafael Edholm, who also co-stars as Vincent, Karsten’s old film school friend turned adult entertainment producer.

The series premieres on Nordic streaming service Viaplay on the 13th of April and screened at the MIPDrama screenings over the weekend.

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Correction: Originally said the series was written by Rafael Edholm. Added to include Santiago Gil.