Use Of Landscape In A Swedish Love Story And A Report On The Party And The Guests

Swedish Love Story (1970), Roy Andersson’s feature film debut, depicts a burgeoning romance between two teenage lovers who exist in a state of protected innocence and are yet to experience the disillusionment of adulthood. The film culminates in a scene that foreshadows much of Andersson’s later work, in which a bitter refrigerator salesman, John, wanders away from a family gathering and into a desolate wilderness, declaring defiantly “I’ve wasted 45 years of my life“. Anton Bitel (2011) has characterised A Swedish Love Story as juxtaposing the hermetic and idyllic romance between two young teens . . .


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Tim Metcalfe is a MA Psychology of Music student and prospective PhD student (investigating auditory emotion perception in cochlear implant users). He has a passion for both classic and contemporary Scandinavian and Eastern-European cinema. Recently completed an online course in Scandinavian film and television, offered by The University of Copenhagen.