Three Swedish Short Films in Competition in Sundance

Three Swedish have been selected to compete in the official short film section at Sundance Film Festival. Besides that two Swedish co-productions are in competition in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition.

It has been a record year for Swedish short films at international film festivals, and another success is around the corner. Short films entitled Vox Lipoma (Fettknölen), The Burden (Min Börda) and The Turk Kiosk (Turkkiosken) has the chance to take home a prize from Sundance.

Vox Lipoma (Fettknölen) is an animation directed by Jane Magnusson and Liv Strömquist and realised within the project Bergman Revisited. The script was written by Liv Strömquist, and the short is about a birthmark on Ingmar Bergman’s face.

The Burden (Min börda) by Niki Lindroth von Bahrs in an animated post-apocalyptic musical that also ompeted in Cannes and has won many awards at both Swedish and international film festival. For example, it took home the prize of 2,000 euro from the 15th Anilogue International Animation Festival organised in Hungary.

The Turk Kiosk (Turkkiosken) by Bahar Pars is the second instalment of her short film trilogy on racism. It is about a woman who is accussed of inappropriate behaviour at her workplace. The film together with her first short film entitled Rinkebysvenska (2015) is available on SVT Play.

Sundance Film Festival takes place in Park City, USA 1828 Januari 2018. Read more om Sundance at Sundance.org.

Featured photo: Niki Lindroth von Bahr

Barbara Majsa

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