Three Nordic TV Shows at Rome Pitching Forum

The Finnish crime drama The Emperor, the Icelandic drama Cornucopia and the Danish family saga The Brothers Nobel will be pitched for the first time at Rome’s International Audio-visual Market on 21st of October. The three Nordic drama series are among 15 projects, selected by a team of high-profile international experts, that will have the chance to be showcased in front of an audience of potential co-producers and co-financiers. 

The ‘Finnish Narcos’ will follow the rise and fall of the most powerful narcotics cop in Finland over the last three decades. Based on real people and events, it’s the story of the respected cop Jari Aarnio, awarded for his life-long chase of prominent drug lords. But the veteran cop is now in prison, accused of having smuggled drugs from the Netherlands to Finland with the notorious drug lord Kai Valli, leader of the United Brotherhood criminal organisation. Vertigo has exclusive rights to Jari Aarnio’s life story. Federation Entertainment will handle worldwide distribution.
Created by writer Antti Pesonen (Bordertown) and producer Minna Virtanen.
Produced by Minna Virtanen of Vertigo, Finland, in association with Lionel Uzan of Federation Entertainment, France, and Peter Nadermann of Nadcon, Germany.

Inspired by shows such as Six Feet Under, the family drama tells of Styrger∂ur (35), a passionate chef who comes back home to the old farm in Iceland where she grew up, after several years of work experience at various international Michelin restaurants. Her sister, psychiatrist Anna (45) has turned the farm into an international treatment centre for people with eating disorders. Styrger∂ur starts working there as a cook.
Created by Dögg Mósesdóttir (Me and Bobby Fischer)
Produced by Kjartan Thordarson of Sagafilm

The Brothers Nobel will be a cross between There Will be Blood and Downton Abbey. It’s a character-driven drama inspired by the real-life story of Alfred Nobel and his family, a story that takes us on a journey to where the famous inventions were created, the war of business took place, and where history was changed.
Created by Johanna Ginstmark (Hassel), Jonas Tarestad Anders Banke (Newsmakers), based on an idea by Ulrik Bolt and Hans Henrik Lidgard
Produced by Ulrik Bolt of Arena Films, Denmark


Featured image: Sagafilm
Source: Nordic Film & TV Fund

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