The ‘Works in Progress’ at the Goteborg Film Festival 2016

The Lion Woman (2016)
The Lion Woman (2016)

The upcoming films in the Nordic region have been presented as part of the ‘Works in Progress’ section at the Goteborg Film Festival. These projects are set to be released in the Nordic countries over the next twelve months, and below you can find a summary of all the projects (info from ScreenDaily)


Across the Fields // Directed by Daniel Joseph Borgman: Follows an intellectually disabled woman in the Danish countryside who wants to find a husband before her ageing mother dies. The film will be shooting this spring.

Across the Waters // Directed by Nicolo Donato: This film is about a Danish jazz guitarist and his family escaping from the Nazis in 1943. Danish theatrical release is set for late summer, with most of the post-production being completed in Ireland. The film stars Daniel Dencik, Danica Curcic, Jakob Cedergren, Nicolas Bro and Mikkel Boe Følsgaard.

Cold Case Hammarskjold // Directed by Mads Brugger: Follows the story of controversial journalist and filmmaker Brugger, who re-opens the case of the 1961 plane crash that killed UN Secretary Dag Hammarskjold. The film will be released in early 2017.

Finale // Directed by Søren Juul Petersen: This genre film is about two women terrified about working one night at a gas station while the rest of the country are at home watching a big football match. The story is adapted from an award-winning novel by Steen Langstrup, and the film will be finished in June.

In the Blood // Directed by Rasmus Hesiterberg: This film follows a group of friends enjoying summer in Copenhagen. People start to drift apart and some of them want to have more adult lives. The main character has trouble with that. The film is about Copenhagen as a city with a special summer vibe. The film will be finished in April.

Wolf and Sheep // Directed by Shahrbanoo Sadat: This film is inspired by a small village in Afghanistan, and will be ready in April.


The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki // Directed by Juho Kuosmanen: Shot in black and white and set in 1962, this film follows a real-life champion boxer who faces the biggest fight in his career while also falling in love.

Little Wing // Directed by Selma Vilhunen: This film follows a twelve year old girl who has a troubled mother and wants to find her father. The finished film will be delivered in summer.

Devils Bride // Directed by Saara Cantell: Set on an island between Finland and Sweden in 1666, Devils Bride is inspired by real witch hunts of young women. The film is ready for May.


I Remember You // Directed by Oskar Thor Axelsson: This Icelandic film is a ‘ghost thriller and procedural mystery story. Axelsson, who has just come off from directed three episodes of Trapped, adapted the story from Yrsa Sigurdardottir. The film is still shooting and will aim for autumn festivals and a Christmas release in Iceland. The film stars Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson & Thor Kristjansson. 




The Cave // Directed by Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken: This film is a claustrophobic, intense action thriller with extreme sports elements. It has been shot on 35mm and digital in Norway and Mexico, and the actors have done their own stunts.

Late Summer // Directed by Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken: This film is shot in the French countryside, and follows a reclusive older author whose life is shaken when she meets a young couple on holiday.

The Lion Woman // Directed by Vibeke Idsøe: The story is set between 1912 and 1937 and shows the different periods in the life of Eva, who is born with her body and face fully covered in hair. The film will have a Norwegian premiere on the 26th of August.

The Rules for Everything // Directed by Kim Hiorthøy: The film is a comedy about finding ways to live that correspond to the impossible truths that we are going to die soon and that things are made up of atoms. The film will release in Norway this autumn.

Valley of Shadows // Directed by Jonas Matzoe Gulbrandsen: This film is a modern ghost story set in the bible belt Norwegian south. The film follows a mother and son; the mother carrying deep guilt. After her six-year-old son loses his dog in a forest, the two start to reconnect. The film will be finished in May.


The Boyfriend // Directed by Fanni Metelius: This film is a contemporary drama about sexuality, and we follow a girl during three years as she gets rejected in all kinds of ways. The film will be released in Sweden in autumn.

Citizen Schein // Directed by Maud Nycander: A documentary about the life of Harry Schein, who arrived in Sweden as a fourteen year old refugee from Nazi Austria. He later became a cultural and media personality, including serving as founder and CEO of the Swedish Film Institute. The film is set to be finished in autumn.

The Ex-Wife // Directed by Katja Wik: The Ex-Wife is about one woman’s life in three phases – the girlfriend, the wife and the ex-wife.

The Giant // Directed by Johannes Nyholm: This film is about an autistic and physically deformed man who retreats into an imaginary world where he’s a fifty metre tall giant. The film will be finished in April.

Sami Blood // Directed by Amanda Kernell: Sami Blood follows a Sami girl who is exposed to racism in the 1930s, leading her to reject her culture. This story was inspired by the director’s own grandmother, who rejected her Sami culture to claim Swedish identity. The film will be finished in April.





























Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.