The Winners of the Tempo Documentary Festival

The winners of Tempo Documentary Festival’s 19th edition have been announced. The award ceremony took take place on Saturday night at Teater Tre in Stockholm where six awards and four honourable mentions were given in total.

The Stefan Jarl International Documentary Award (with the prize of 2,000 euro) for the best international documentary went to Small Talk by Hiu-chan Huang, while the film 12th and Clairmount by Brian Kaufman received honourable mention. The Tempo Documentary Award, which is one of Sweden’s biggest documentary film competitions where the winning director is awarded with 75,000 SEK, went to Maryam Ebrahimi for the film Stronger than a Bullet and Anna Eborn’s Lida received honourable mention. The award is presented with support from the Swedish Film Institute and Influence Film Club.

The Tempo Short Award was given to The Ambassador’s Wife by Theresa Traore Dahlberg and the film Cops Are Actors by Tova Mozard received honourable mention. The award is presented with support from the Swedish Film Institute and Filmregion Stockholm-Mälardalen and the winning director is awarded with 25,000 SEK. The New Doc award, the prize of 40,000 SEK, went to My New Home Is a Trailer by Jasmijn Kooijman, and One Day in Aleppo by Ali Alibrahim received honourable mention for depicting “a visually poetic and emotionally visceral journey through the human capacity for destruction”. The award presented by Filmbasen/Film Stockholm, Film i Öst, Filmpool Jämtland, FilmCloud/Kultur i Väst, Film i Dalarna, Filmpool Nord, Kultur i Halland – Film goes to a promising new documentary film director for an upcoming film project.

Kvar by Jan Ärfström and Malin Nicander is the winner of the Tempo Pitch. The competition is organised in collaboration with Swedish Television/Documentary, the Swedish Film Institute/Film Commissioner Documentary and Filmregion Stockholm-Mälardalen and means 90,000 SEK in development funds. And finally, in the Short Dox Radio competition, ten three-minute radio documentaries competed for the prize of 5,000 SEK that went to Mathilda von Essen for her film entitled http://www.terapisnack.com/hur-skiljer-man-pa-sorg-och-sjalvomkan.

Featured photo: Stronger than a Bullet by Maryam Ebrahimi


Barbara Majsa

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