The Secret of the Danes

Denmark is one of the smallest countries of Scandinavia, with a minor language and a population of only 5.6 million people. Denmark is almost inconspicuous and yet very startling in terms of television and film. Danish films are frequently screened at international film festivals, like Cannes or the Berlinale, and regularly win important prizes at these festivals. The domestic market share of Danish films belongs to the highest in Europe, and in the annual film top ten in Denmark there are always at least three Danish titles. Furthermore Danish films and series are screened abroad outside the festival circuit . . .


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Birgit De Bruin

Birgit de Bruin is a Masters student Media Studies and Art Policy and Art Management at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Currently she is completing research why Danish drama series are so popular in Europe. Birgit is interested in representation of Danish culture, gender and also in writing and production processes of Danish public service television drama. Birgit’s previous work is mainly about representation of gender or cultural minorities in Dutch television series from the Dutch public broadcaster NPO. Furthermore has Birgit a broad interest in culture and media policy of the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and the European Union.