The return of Danish superhero Antboy


Following two months of shooting, the Danish action-adventure Antboy 2, by Ask Hasselbalch, is due to wrap in Copenhagen at the end of April. The story about a 12-year-old boy who develops superpowers after being bitten by an ant and then creates a secret identity as a superhero attracted distributors all around the world. Thanks to some major territory deals being signed for Denmark’s first superhero movie, the Copenhagen-based production company Nimbus greenlighted the sequel.

As the premiere of the first instalment of the children’s adventure took place in Germany, principal photography for Antboy 2 started in Hamburg. During the 12-day shoot in the city, the team chose popular locations such as the Old Elbe Tunnel, the ice rink in the heart of Hamburg, and the Savoy and Holi cinemas.

In Antboy 2, the young superhero turns 13 and is making the most of his great new image. Life could be perfect, but his friend, who also happens to be the girl of his dreams, is not in love with him yet. Things get worse when a new kid arrives at school and turns out to be a mischievous rival. “Even superheroes have to deal with typical teenage problems,” states Hasselbalch. “The movie addresses how the philosophy of life of a 13-year-old is changing.”

As a partner for this Danish/German co-production, Nimbus Film producer Eva Jakobsen– who has been nominated as a Producer on the Move by European Film Promotion – gotVerena Gräfe-Höft, with her production company Junafilm (Nothing Bad Can Happen[+]),on board. The project received support from the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, the German Federal Film Fund and the NDR. Antboy 2 will be released in German-speaking territories by MFA+ Distribution in 2015.

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Emma Vestrheim

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