The Legacy II Recap: Episode 6

There’s something dramaturgically unusual about this season. We’re at episode six out of seven, and it feels as if we’re once again beginning from scratch. Episode three was dramatic. Episode five was dramatic. But there hasn’t really been any buildup of drama over these weeks. Now again, a big drama arrives out of thin air: Isa crashes the car with Thomas and Emil, and Thomas is seriously injured. Comes out of nothing, and all of a sudden Thomas can’t move and has to have neck surgery. It’s like the illegal marijuana-plants from episode four, those also suddenly existed, and caused the entire field to be burned down. It’s a strange way to tell a tale, that in the penultimate episode of a season with more than enough balls in the air, new conflicts are still introduced, causing existing conflicts to move to the periphery of the episode.

But it’s a style. Another thing surprised me about this episode: The sudden attraction between Isa and Emil. It really came out of nothing, those characters didn’t even meet each other until last episode, and there’s certainly been nothing to justify the knowing tone Emil uses to fend off Isa, that sounded like it was something he’d thought about for a long time. It feels as if there are long periods between we’re allowed to see what’s going on, time where the characters walk among each other, get’s to know each other, works on redeveloping the mansion – and wow, the amount of work done on the mansion this season. Season two of The Legacy has been one big redevelopment of the entire world: Mansion, trailer, Frederik’s new house. Everything has needed to be redeveloped to make the new hierarchy work, with Signe on the ground floor, Gro in the basement, and Emil and Thomas in the garden. That hierarchy was established after the drama of episode five. And now we see why it doesn’t work.

Again irresponsibility destroys the whole thing. Deals aren’t kept, people are DUI’ing, and suddenly Thomas has to lay in the main house, while Signe must sleep in the trailer. The episode shakes Isa as well, whose mood goes downhill again. Everyone has realized that she is sick, but Gro never told the rest, that she needed to be on anti-depressants. I get the sense that a lot of people have Gro as their favorite character, but I’m beginning to strongly dislike her. There are no bad people on this show, there’s a family of characters who know no better, but Gro is by far the most competent of the troublemakers, and thereby also the most dangerous. The way she treats Isa makes me hate her, more than I hate Thomas, who is a clown, or even Frederik, who has been completely knocked down for half a season.

But perhaps I hate Robert more. Robert is simply too smooth. On the one hand, he is the calm and reasonable one. On the sidelines of the drama, he handles the breakdown of Frederik’s family, transports Hannah, confronts Frederik and tells Solveig about the breakdown in Thailand. Gro is furious that he’s meddling, but it leads to the only progress in the episode, as Solveig decides she wants a divorce, and Frederik at the end accepts the peace-offering Emil made in the last episode. In a way, one should applaud for Robert, as it’s so rare anyone in the show dare to meddle and help with handling conflicts, instead of just letting them smolder. But it’s because he’s so reasonable, that his part of the art forgery scheme becomes so much worse. Gro says that when she promised there was more art, she was drunk. This is how it’s been with most drama this season, it’s been born of drinking or breakdowns. In a way, it’s more sympathetic than the orchestrated cheating Robert is doing. It makes sense that he leaves Gro, and perhaps the story, just as he’s made his largest contribution to the story. He is smooth and slippery enough to fit in. But they are simply to uncoordinated for him.

This whole season could be called uncoordinated. Thing is thown into the mix left and right. Even here, close to the end, it’s hard to say what the lesson’s been. It feels uneven and chaotic, but perhaps also raw and lively.


  • The episode was written by Lars K. Andersen and Maja Jul Larsen and directed by Heidi Maria Faisst
  • The best image of the episode was Solveig driving to Frederik, where we see Frederik behind the glass wall and then the reflection of the car. That was pretty.
  • Jesper Christensen really dares to be naked. As in skinny dipping, but also as in completely torn down and pathetic, in a wheelchair and white shirt and naked legs.
  • Grilled seaweed? Yuck…



Image via scanoir.co.uk

Emma Vestrheim

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