The Landscape and Mindscape of Insomnia

Watching the many great Nordic Noir Dramas that have recently been shown on television, you might be forgiven for thinking of Scandinavia solely in terms of their long, dark winter nights and drizzly downpours.  Yet there is another side to the coin of life in the north, their long summer days where the sun barely sets, or does not set at all. While the darkness of the North seems to hide a multitude of crimes, the light of the North has been used to highlight not only the crime and the beautiful landscapes of the . . .


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Ceri Norman

Ceri is a UK based folklorist and freelance writer with a passion for Norse Mythology and Scandinavian Film & Television. She has penned articles for a variety of magazines including the Nordic Noir Magazine, Scan Magazine and FAE Magazine on a wide range of topics, from folklore to fashion