The Danish Girl perhaps not so Danish after all…

Alicia VIkander

The upcoming Tom Hooper film The Danish Girl has been creating a lot of buzz in Denmark for its use of the Copenhagen scenery during production. However, it seems The Danish Girl used a different Scandinavian location for part of its filming.

According to the Danish Ekstra Bladet, later published again by the Norwegian Dagbladet, a certain scene appears distinctly Norwegian. In the final scene where Gerda, played by Swede Alicia Vikander, looks out at what we are told is the Vejle Fjord in East Jutland, Denmark. In the background we see a huge mountain with snow on top.

For those of us who know Denmark well, we particularly know how lacking in hills and especially mountains the country is. It turns out that the final scene was filmed in Norway, with IMDb stating it was filmed at Romsdal.

The Danish Girl follows the story of Lilli Elbe, who was the first in the world to have gender corrective surgery.

Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.