THE BRIDGE IV future unclear

The Bridge

With the third season of The Bridge about to hit the UK, the fourth season of the series remains unclear after lead actress Sofia Helin hasn’t confirmed her role, Dagbladet reports.

The shows writer Hans Rosenfeldt spoke on the Swedish station P4 Kalmar saying that there may be a fourth season, but Sofia Helin needs to confirm that she’ll continue her role. The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has written that Helin’s agent will not comment on any continuation of the series.

As many fans of the series will know, The Bridge needs the lead character Saga Noren in order to remain as popular as it is today, After Martin (Kim Bodnia) left there was much speculation that the series wouldn’t be able to continue at the same level, however the third season – which follows Saga almost exclusively – has proven popular in Sweden and Scandinavia.

Do you think there should be a fourth season of The Bridge?


Information via Dagbladet and translated by Emma Vestrheim

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