The Bridge Is Back in January

The final season of The Bridge (Bron |||| Broen), which is one of the most popupar and successful Nordic noir TV shows, hits the screen on the 1st of January. The plot is inspired by the refuge crisis that dominated the political and public discourse in 2015, and the theme of identity emerges as significant part of it, too.

The premiere of The Bridge, the DanishSwedish Nordic noir series, was held two days ago, and the first episode of the last season will be broadcasted at the beginning of January. Its plot is very much influenced by the refugee crisis that challenged both Europe and the world in 2015, and the theme of identity also plays crucial role in it.

It is known that it takes place two years after where the previous season left on. Saga sits in prison for women in Lund, and Henrik has a complicated case to solve. The season opens with a brutal scene in which a women is stoned to death, and an Iranian asylum seeker becomes the main suspect. In addition to this, Sofia Helin also highlighted that this last season deals a lot with identity, too.

This last quote is for all the fans out there. And what can we say?
Do not ever say that is over!

One should never say never. Today no one really knows whether someone will bring The Bridge back in 20 years from now. But it is certain that this is the final season for the foreseeable future. Hans Rosenfeldt

Featured photo: Anders Hansson

Source: Dagens Nyheter

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