‘Swedish Film The Real Estate to Compete at the Berlinale’

Måns Månsson and Axel Petersén’s film entitled The Real Estate is in competition at the Berlin International Film Festival. Månsson is also the cinematographer, and the script is written by Petersén. The film is produced by Sigrid Helleday and Månsson at Flybridge.

The Real Estate revolves around Nojet who inherits an apartment building, but the building turns on her. She needs to realise that the cash cow is in fact a curse. She takes control of the building by becoming more ruthless than the business surrounding it.

The directors are not new to the film festival. Mr Governor (2008) and The Yard (2016) by Månsson and Avalon (2012) by Petersén has previously been screened at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Berlinale has taken extremely well care of us throughout the years with ‘Mr Governor’, ‘AValon’ and ‘The Yard‘, and to be back in Competition feels slightly surreal.
—Måns Månsson & Axel Petersén

Featured photo: Flybridge
Source: SFI

Barbara Majsa

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