Swedish Actor Michael Nyqvist Dead

Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist who is known from films such as the Millennium Trilogy died of cancer. He was only 56 years old.

Michael Nyqvist was a versatile actor who besides working on many Swedish or Scandinavian/Nordic productions showed his talent in Hollywood, too. He played in Lukas Moodysson’s Together (2000), the film adaption of Katarina Mazetti’s Grabben i graven bredvid (2002), and Kay Pollack’s As It Is in Heaven (2004). However, to most past of the world he will remain Mikael Blomkvist, the determined journalist from the Millennium Trilogy.

Most recently, Michael Nyqvist starred in the Danish film You Disappear (2017). At the Cannes Film Festival 2016, it was announced he was working on his directorial debut.

Source: Dagens Nyheter

Photo: Cornelia Nordström / EXP / TT

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  1. Rita Harris says:

    We are at a loss without Michael Nyqvist. It was like being hit by a Mack trucker when the news came off his passing. Our condolences go to his family and friends. We feel your pain. He will always be remembered with fondness.

  2. Rita Harris says:

    Can anyone help me with the adddress of the Michael Nyqvist Foundation address or contact online?

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