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Cinema Scandinavia started in 2014 as a blog for fans of Nordic film and television around the world who found it difficult to find news articles or content in English. Today, the website is one of the main sources of information for fans around the world, and every day 2,000 people check in to read about the latest in Nordic film and television.

The website is run by two people: Emma Vestrheim, who founded the website, and Barbara Majsa, the website’s managing editor. Every day we write news, answer emails about new releases, source Nordic content and put together a digital magazine.

Due to our unique trans-Nordic position, we are not funded by any Scandinavian country or film funding body, for example the film institutes. Our content is completely independent from any company in Scandinavia, and that gives us a unique and completely free position to create content for our readers without any bias.

Today, the funding for the website comes purely from subscriptions. We really want to grow and develop as a website and open up for wider coverage of new releases and festivals, and can’t do that without your help!

What we want to do with more money:

  • Send our writers to film festivals around the world, providing comprehensive coverage of new Nordic film and television releases
  • Support independent Nordic releases
  • Remove paywalls from our interviews and essays, making everything free for everyone
  • Avoid ads!
  • Improve our web hosting and website speeds to handle the increase in traffic
  • Market ourselves more successfully around the world
  • Build a better resource for students and Nordic film and television fans

In order to keep our website ad-free, we are seeking for support from our readers.

Currently, there are two ways you can support Cinema Scandinavia:

  • Subscribe: At the moment, we offer digital subscriptions on our website that unlocks all the paywalled content. Click here to subscribe
  • Donations: We accept donations via PayPal. Click the button below to donate.