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What is Cinema Scandinavia?

Cinema Scandinavia is an independently published Nordic film and television website. Our magazines are released quarterly and contain interviews, reviews, essays, analyses and festival reports.

All of our articles are high quality pieces written by people from all around the world. We offer a genuine and passionate insight into Nordic film and television, and do it all with love!

What comes with my subscription?

You’ll receive:

  • PDF downloads of our magazines, so you can read them offline
  • Access to our magazines online
  • A calendar of upcoming releases around the world
  • A notification when a film is released in your country

Which magazine does my subscription start with?

Current subscriptions start at Issue 21 / December 2017. 

How do I pay?

We accept payments using any bank card or PayPal. It is up to you whether or not you wish to auto renew subscriptions.

All prices are in Norwegian kroner ($1USD = 8kr, $1 AUD = 6kr, 1GBP = 10kr – please use a currency exchange website for more accurate figures).

10% discounts are available for students. Just send us an email at hello@cinemascandinavia.com and we’ll send you a discount code.


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