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Whenever it comes to landscapes of northern Europe, more precisely in the Scandinavian area, everyone imagines magnificent and beautiful snow-capped mountains, or the beautiful green valleys with streams passing through the houses. All these images seem more withdrawn from our imagination or a fairytale, are real, and we can often see them on the big […]

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Paulo Antunes studied Art Studies at the University of Algarve in Faro, Portugal. He has worked in many different areas, from picking fruit to being a waiter in a restaurant, but has always had a passion for film and music. He has participated in the organisation of two film culture shows: the 5th Filmic Culture with the theme of the importance of music in the cinema, and the 2nd Filmic Culture with the theme of the theory of Superman. He completed a traineeship in CIAC and was also the manager of a Portuguese punk rock band named Defying Control. Currently he works on various film projects.