Study Film + TV

Study Contemporary Scandinavian Film and Television

Ever wanted to study Scandinavian film and television? About doing it in Oslo over six weeks? The University of Oslo is famous for its International Summer School, and one of the courses taught there is Trends in Scandinavian Film and Television.

The six-week course provides an overview of:

  • Scandinavian film history
  • National cinema (heritage and occupation dramas)
  • Medium concept cinema
  • Art directors
  • Dogme95
  • Lars von Trier
  • Multicultural films
  • Sami film
  • Nordic Noir
  • Scandinavian television
  • Remakes
  • Scandinavian genre film
  • Scandinavian horror film
  • Globalisation + how films are made in Scandinavia

The course also includes eight film screenings, which are updated yearly to fit in with what is currently screening at film festivals around the world. Additionally, the summer school also holds weekly screenings of popular Norwegian films.

To study Scandinavian film and television in Oslo next summer, visit the International Summer School website by clicking here. 

You can view the Scandinavian film and television course by clicking here.