SEAFF Is Coming to Town

The Stockholm Experimental and Animation Film Festival (SEAFF) is organised the second time in Stockholm, Sweden. As its name suggests, it focuses on animation and experimental short films. However, this year the former one is in the centre. The festival takes pace in cinema Zita on 18 June between 3 and 5 pm. Don’t miss it!

This year’s edition of SEAFF presents a great variety of animated films that have been circulated in the international festival circuit in the past few years but haven’t been shown in Sweden before. Besides these rather known works, some newly produced films hit the screen in Zita. The 2-hour-long programme consists of 15 pieces of short films (classic and stop-motion animations) made by international film-makers including nine female and six male film directors.

Check out the programme on the website!



Barbara Majsa

Barbara is a journalist, editor and film critic. She usually does interviews with film-makers, artists, designers, and writes about cinema, design and books.