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Scandinavia had a strong presence at the Oscars this year, and here’s an overview of the influence and the winners.

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Best Animated Feature: Frozen: As we looked at a couple days ago, Frozen has had great influence from Norway. The film has been compared so beautifully to Norway that visitNorway has started making Frozen-based tours. Definitely a great promotion for the region! Oh and it’s a pretty good film too.


Best Live Action Short: Helium: The film is about a young boy in hospice care, who becomes friends with the janitor who tells stories about a poetic realm beyond this world. A place in the sky where sick boys will go when they become too ill to remain at the hospice. An incredibly beautiful film and you can read more at the DFI

Sadly, The Act of Killing and The Hunt missed out on awards, but they are remarkable films in their own right. Congrats to the winners!