Scandinavia Around the World: North America

To North American eyes, Scandinavian film seems familiar, and yet like a parallel world. I grew up in Northern British Columbia, Canada in the 1990s, and the first time I watched Lukas Moodysson’s 1998 film Fucking Åmål (Show Me Love) the world portrayed felt familiar to me. Although the plot of the film did not necessarily mirror my own childhood, I recognized and connected to the culture. The film captured what it felt to grow up in a small town, be it in Sweden or in Canada.

I now live in . . .


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Sarah Hudson

Sarah is a Canadian filmmaker based out of Alberta, Canada. Sarah was born in Newfoundland and grew up across the country, and she holds a Bachelor in Media Arts from Emily Carr University in Vancouver, Canada. When not making media, Sarah is a narrative shorts programmer for the Slamdance Film Festival.