RIP Lilyhammer: Season four may not happen

It appears the future of Lilyhammer seems uncertain after a tweet from lead actor Stevie Van Zandt:

The message comes as a shock to Norwegian broadcaster NRK and the series production company. Side2.no got in touch with NRK, who said they have not yet received information on whether or not there will be a season four. Peter Wallace, director of external productions at NRK, says that there has been a question of financing:

Lilyhammer has been a series that has been produced in three seasons, the last two have been funded by both Netflix and NRK. We have received a proposal from the Rubicon to continue the series, but they have been waiting for to see if they manage to get funded the second part. Ie the part NRK does not stand for.

– Side2.no

Wallace says that they have not received any response from either Rubicon or Netflix suggesting they are carried over, nor if they are not.

Therefore I can not speculate further about it. It may be that Steven has received more information than us, but we have certainly not received any information to indicate that one or the other right now. We have let season four depend on whether we get a clearer answer on whether financing is possible.

– Side2.no

Lilyhammer has been an extremely popular production for the last few years, with the series having been seen by around one million Norwegian viewers and sold to over 130 countries.

Steve van Zandt confirmed to Dagbladet that he will miss Norway and that the business was complicated. You can read the entire interview (in Norwegian) here

With everything being so unclear, lets wait and see what happens!

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Emma Vestrheim

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