Real Humans in Review

In recent times, we have been bombarded by new technologies that could replicate human beings such as Japan’s kodomoroid and telenoid as well as the Turing test. While these technologies may still be in their infancy, reactions have been mixed. Imagine if those technologies have become more advanced. Real Humans (Äkta människor) is a Swedish science fiction soap opera by Lars Lundström that questions the essence and boundary of humanity. It portrays a society in which the technologies stated previously have become more advanced. Unlike Star Wars or Star Trek kind of science fiction . . .


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Bram Wasito

Bram is an Indonesian from Denpasar and a fresh graduate. He became aware of Nordic Noir upon attending numerous free screenings at the Midnight Sun program at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art, but the affair began a few months later when he stumbled on a DVD set of The Killing. Since then, he has been trying to learn more about Nordic culture.