Real Humans Creator Partners French Gaumont

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Article via the NordiskFilm + TV Fund
French major Gaumont TV Europe has teamed up with Sweden’s top writer Lars Lundström to produce the English language 12×60’ thriller 1001, co-produced by Eyeworks Scandi Fiction.

1001 begins in the 1980s when a medical research project in Sweden leads to devastating consequences. Thirty years later, policewoman Jasmine becomes embroiled in a murder case. She receives a message from the murderer asking for 1001 million dollars to be transferred to various bank accounts, otherwise more people will die. The blackmailer threatens to reveal secret information about government officials.

1001 will be introduced by its creator at the Series Mania Co-production Forum in Paris (April 22-24).

Lundström runs Matador Film with producer Henrik Widman. In 2014 Matador signed a multi-annual cooperation agreement with Eyeworks Scandi Fiction  to develop  and produce TV drama for both Swedish and international markets. Matador is currently involved as co-executive producer of the US remake of Tusenbröder (Brothers in Crime) to be directed by Nick Cassavettes.

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Emma Vestrheim

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