Pyromaniac / Pyromanen

Erik Skjoldbjaerg is one of those acclaimed directors who still creates a buzz every time he brings something new to TIFF. The Norwegian director first came to prominence with his 1997 film, Insomnia (later remade by Christopher Nolan), and tends to revel in psychological darkness (perhaps no surprise for anyone familiar with Nordic film). This year saw Skjoldbjaerg bringing Pyromaniac to the festival.

Set in 1981, and based on true events, Pyromaniac tells the story of Dag, a young man who runs amok in his home village of Finsland by setting fires. The . . .


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Erik Anderson

Erik Anderson is a full time thinker and part time filmmaker from the Canadian West Coast. He holds an honours degree in Political Science from Concordia University, and is an MFA candidate in Film Production at York University in Toronto. His mother is originally from Norway and likes to remind him of this constantly...