Production Support: Finnish Film Foundation April 2014

The Finnish Film Foundation has announced its production support for the month of April. It is as follows:

Feature-length fiction:


Armi Ratia (13.7.1912-3.10.1979) is one of the most known Finnish entrepreneurs and corporative executives. She created Marimekko and its pure visual style that is synonymous to Finnish modern design. As a private and a business personality she was boundless and courageous as well as inmoderate and without limits.

Director: Jörn Donner

Script: Karoliina Lindgren

Shooting schedule: July 2014

Budget: 862 511 EUR

Total support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 500 000,00 €

Production company: Oy Bufo Ab

Financing TV company: YLE

Distribution in Finland: B-Plan Distribution Oy



A feature film about the shadows and lights of modern architecture and the plans of a dream house by one architect and his hope to find the beauty and the authenticity after 50 years of separation from his childhood’s love.

Director: Rax Rinnekangas

Script: Rax Rinnekangas

Shooting schedule: Autumn 2013

Budget: 243 000,00 €

Total support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 150 000,00 €

Production companies: Butterworks Oy, Bad Taste ltd

Financing TV company: YLE

Distribution in Finland: PEK



Young couple is looking to buy an apartment, when the husband starts hearing noises that neither his wife nor the realtor can hear. Leena, the tour guide in the National Music Hall loses the script of her tour. A young urban couple is visited by their old friend Iina who brings along her exotic new boyfriend Ukko. Family has gathered to say their last goodbyes to their quietly dying mother. A quiet woman becomes a victim of her own birthday party. Surprise. True story of love and cannibalism. A man who wants to a baby again.Distractions is made of these. People getting distracted in disturbed circumstances.

Director: Aleksi Salmenperä

Script: Aleksi Salmenperä (based on the original work by  Jani Volanen)

Shooting schedule: August-December 2014

Budget: 900 000,00 €

Total support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 610 000,00 €

Production company: Mjölk Movies Oy

Financing TV company: YLE



Four 18-year-old girls kept provocative video diaries about their lives. This is a fictional film based on their real experiences. On the verge of adulthood, these four girls lose their innocence. These are survival stories about the moments when life kicks you in the butt, but you decide to kick back, hard!

Director: Esa Illi

Script: Esa Illi

Shooting schedule: Winter-Spring 2014

Budget: 1 000 000,00 €

Total support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 540 000,00 €

Production company: Fisher King Production Oy

Financing TV company: Yle TV1



Three friends since high school are invited to celebrate the 25th reunion of their class. Niklas and Antti are trying to skip the whole thing, but Tuomas persuades them to tag along. He has planned the ultimate weekend, partying on the road with the boys! Things get out of hand, and the journey turns into a struggle. They cannot miss this reunion!

Script: Lars Mering, Claudia Boderke, Taneli Mustonen (based on the original work Klassefesten by Lars Mering, Claudia Boderke)

Shooting schedule: August 5 – September 19, 2014

Budget: 1 281 582,00 €

Total support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 450 000,00 €

Production company: Solar Films Oy

Financing TV company: MTV3

Distribution in Finland: Nordisk Film

Premiere: January, 2015


(working title)

Selja, young woman in her thirties, lives in a commune with her friends. One day a boy appears behind her door. A boy she gave for adoption 16 years ago. Selja gets a new chance to get to know his son, but at the same time she mixes her and her best friends, her flatmates, lives completely. When Leo is around, also Selja’s relationship with Tomi gets a whole new direction. Here for a while is a new kind of music film set in present time. The engaging songs in the film are from the very top Finnish songwriters, written precisely for this movie.

Director: Oskari Sipola

Script: Tua Harno

Shooting schedule: July – August 2014

Budget: 1 380 000,00 €

Total support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 745 000,00 €

Production company: Pohjola-Filmi Oy

Financing TV company: YLE

Distribution in Finland: Nordisk Film



Lovemilla is a comedy about love and romance, not a romantic comedy. It is a comedy about first love, moving in together, lack of self-confidence, robots and bodybuilding. Aimo and Milla – finally a couple, are living together at Milla’s alcoholics-turned-into-zombies-parents’ place. They dream about their first own home.  They save money and with the profits from Aimo’s business, ”Saku’s Grill”,  they make it. Due to his lack of self-confidence, Aimo wastes their savings to turbo-boost his muscles. As conventional body building is not quite satisfactory, Aimo tunes himself up into a robot. His heartache leads him to extreme measures as he also changes his heart into a metal one – one that doesn’t hurt. Milla decides to steal Aimo’s heart back — after all, man´s got to have a man´s heart. Lovemilla is based on widely popular #lovemilla television series produced by YLE and It´s Alive Films.

Director: Teemu Nikki

Script: Jani Pösö, Teemu Nikki

Shooting schedule: August 2014

Budget: 760 000,00 €

Total support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 350 000,00 €

Production company: It´s Alive FIlms

Financing TV company: YLE

Distribution in Finland: SF Film Finland

Premiere: February 27, 2015


Feature-length fiction, Minority Co-Productions:



A story of love and the miracle of survival in face of the brutality of exile.

Director: Viesturs Kairišs

Shooting schedule:  April 2014 – January 2015

Budget: 705 000,00 €

Total support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 70 000,00 €

Production company: Film and TV Studio Mistrus Media (LV)

Finnish co-production company: Inland Film Company Oy

Financing Finnish TV company: YLE

Financing International TV company: Latvian television


Feature-length Documentary Films:


A whole business has grown around happiness. In Finland only, there are over one thousand certified life coaches and over 900 self-help books published in Finnish. We all want to be happy, but is it possible to learn – or teach – happiness? The Salesmen of Happiness follows three professionals who have found happiness and whose work is to help others find theirs. How these experts share their message of happiness? How does a person, who considers him- or herself happy, live? What makes us happy and what happiness is?

Director: Wille Hyvönen

Shooting schedule: February 2013 – Summer 2014

Budget: 370 000,00 €

Total support of the Finnish Film Foundation: 145 000,00 €

Production company: Pohjola-filmi

Co-production company: Selfmade Films (NL)

Financing TV company: YLE

Distribution in Finland: TBC

International Sales: Films Transit International

via the Finnish Film Foundation

Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.