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The popular supernatural/sci-fi series Jordskott may be getting a third season, the series creator has revealed.

The second season recently premiered on Swedish television, and Henrik Björn stated he would only do a third season if the second was well-received.

Jordskott follows Eva Thörnblad, who in season one returns to her hometown of Silverhöjd seven years after her daughter’s disappearance. Investigating a current case, she finds links to her daughter’s case. In the second season, Eva has left Silverhöjd for Stockholm, but she picks up a case that has links to the same mythological world from season one.

Of the third season, Björn told SVT: “Of course, we have plans for it. It would be strange not to. You can’t work in a bubble and just think about season two. But it kind of depends on the reception of this one before such a decision can be made.”

Season two of Jordskott premiered on the 15th of October on SVT in Sweden and the 19th of October on ITV Encore in the UK.