Our Writers Say

Besides doing what we love, namely writing about Nordic cinema, we also have the opportunity to work with enthusiastic writers from all over the globe. Read about their experiences working with us!

The staff at CS are really open to a writer’s ideas, as well as encouraging and always there if there’s something you need help with. They offer constructive criticism on your work, which is key to evolving  not only as a writer but as a good reporter.
Vanessa Crispin

First of all, Cinema Scandinavia focuses on Scandinavian Cinema. I support every group whose interest is to report and highlight Scandinavian cinema culture  both contemporary and historically. Then Cinema Scandinavia is a great magazine with a lot of interesting interviews and articles.

On the more personal note. CS opens the door for so many that may not have the opportunity to write about cinema in other ways. Swedes and international writers who are passionate about cinema and television. Like when I did my interview. Even if I had never done a interview before properly, I always felt I had the support from Barbara, which felt so good.
Jesper Larsson

I felt so secure when working with Cinema Scandinavia. My editor, Barbara, kindly supported me who had no previous experience of writing reviews or interviews. Thanks to her detailed and appropriate comments, it now feels a bit easier for me to write these kinds of texts. And I’m motivated to keep on contributing to the journal! 🙂 Thanks!
Saki Kobayashi

I love working for CS for two reasons. Firstly, because it is a group effort, and everyone is really passionate about what they do. Secondly, I love working with Barbara specifically, because apart from being passionate and good at her job, she is a great mentor.
Christie Petrakopoulou

Cinema Scandinavia has allowed me the flexibility to research the films and projects I was passionate about. I have written a variety of texts from academic to more informal interview pieces with both locally recognised and internationally recognised Nordic directors. The magazine has afforded me some invaluable opportunities and I am extremely proud to have been a part of its growing journey.
—Lizzie Taylor