On location: Filming Last Base

Last Base is a Norwegian short film directed by Aslak Danbolt. The film tells the story of two base jumpers who are making their last jump to scattering the ashes of their friend who died in a base jumping accident. I saw this film as a programmer at the Slamdance Film Festival. The one thing that struck me while watching this film is how authentic the film looks and feels – all of the danger of the film feels real. Talking to Aslak at the festival, I learnt that this is because the danger was real. The making . . .


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Sarah Hudson

Sarah is a Canadian filmmaker based out of Alberta, Canada. Sarah was born in Newfoundland and grew up across the country, and she holds a Bachelor in Media Arts from Emily Carr University in Vancouver, Canada. When not making media, Sarah is a narrative shorts programmer for the Slamdance Film Festival.