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Norwegian director Ole Giæver announced his next project while at the New Nordic Films market in Haugesund last week, and it seems he is making a change in style. Not only will he bring us genre, he will also bring us a television series.

The film, titled My Wife, My Replica and I, is something of a sci-fi space television series, which is a welcome change from the directors humanistic and deeply realist films, such as Out of Nature and From the Balcony.

My Wife, My Replica and I tells the story of a married couple returning home from a trip to Mars. While heading back, the man learns he isn’t healthy enough to survive the trip. He decides to clone himself with a 3D printer, but then he has to live in close quarters with his wife and his clone.

The series is planned to have 8 x 30-minute episodes and has a budget of 2.6m Euros. Giæver will also star in the series, which he described as ‘a fun but smart sitcom in space’.

My Wife, My Replica and I is currently looking for co-producers and distributors.


You can watch a scene from Giæver’s latest film, From the Balcony, below.