Nymphomaniac Premiere at Berlinale

Lars von Trier

Nymphomaniac has had its full four hour premiere at Berlinale, and in true Von Trier style, it wasn’t without controversy. The film, of course, has already been a source of controversy due to its graphic and sexual themes, and so it seems fair that the premiere would be just as interesting. Shia LeBeouf walked out of the press conference, Uma Thurman and Christian Slater were left to make sardine jokes. And film director Lars Von Trier was a no-show. And that was before LaBeouf turned up on the red carpet at the film’s premiere wearing a paper bag on his head, on which he had written: “I am not famous any more.”

The film’s director, Lars von Trier, was a no-show at the press conference — no surprise there, given his remarks at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009 that he “understood” German dictator Adolf Hitler. But when von Trier did surface at a photo call to promote Nymphomaniac, he was wearing a T-shirt bearing the words “persona non grata”, no doubt a reference to the fallout from the Cannes scandal.

Despite all this, the reviews for the film have so far been positive. Check out one from Indiewire here: http://wp.me/p4j6mC-3q

Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.