Norwegian Film Institute Provides Support to Five Films

also on earth


Five films have received support from the NFI. They are:

  • Lion Woman: Lion Woman is based on the novel of the same name, written by Erik Fosnes Hansen. The book came out in 2006. It is released including Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain and Italy and has received very good reviews. The screenplay is written by Vibeke Idsøe.This great epic story starts in December, 1912. In the same night as her mother dies, Eva Arctander born in a small Norwegian railway town. The little girl is covered in bright yellow, fine hair all over the body, including the face.Stationmaster father Gustav react with grief over the death of his mother and the rejection of his infant daughter who he thinks looks like a weasel. The shame and the fear of what may happen in Eve’s encounter with the world is growing fast in the station master and causes her much of his childhood are forced to spend all their time locked up in the apartment on the second floor of jernbaneperrongen. Read more here
  • Bear Island: Three brothers want to surf waves no one else has surfed before them. The solution is to take it out to Bear Island which is neighboring to some more famous Spitsbergen. For two months they live on the island self-sufficient in food and equipment. They are searching for a simple life in nature, with many different pleasures in the mountains, the sea, the snow and in the air. Read more here
  • Todenskiold: The year is 1720. The war is over, and Vice Admiral Tordenskiold do not know what to do with his life. Should he marry and settle down? Chamber servant Kold persuades him to go out on a friertur. The trip is a whopping road movie through Denmark and Germany. Everywhere must Tordenskiold tell their eternal brilliance numbers: The Story of the Battle of Dynekilen. The women sugar and Tordenskiold terminates them in turn. He is a future rock star, but the problems pile up. Read more here
  • Never Sleep More: The film receive grants under the scheme Ex ante co-production of feature films with foreign main producer.Never sleep more based on Nooit meer slapen, belonging to the Dutch writer Willem Frederik Herman from 1966. This is the most popular book in the Netherlands in modern times and is about two young archeologist expedition Finnmarkvidda searching for meteorites. The story has elements of external voltage but is primarily a study of the human mind when a person is in extreme situations. Read more here
  • Also on Earth: The sequel to the widely popular As it is in Heaven. We meet again the people of Ljusåker in Sweden, shortly after their choir leader, world-renowned conductor Daniel Dareus, died and left them all.Again also stands his life’s love Lena awaits their children. Lena loves folk rock and country, and takes under some doubt on the responsibility of the music’s deserted church. It will be the start of a series of events that wakes up people’s joy and longing. Meanwhile, her methods highly provocative for the establishment and friends of this. It is becoming clearer to both Lena and the people of the city that there is no more revolutionary force than dance and music. The goal is to conduct no less than Handel’s Hallelujah on live TV, in conjunction with the reopening of the church after extensive renovations.   Read more here


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Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.