Norway’s first crime film discovered in a safe deposit box


The missing pieces of Norway’s first detective film have unexpectedly been found in safe deposit boxes, Dagbladet reports. This means that for the first time in decades Norwegians are able to see the film The Killer Without a Face (Morderen uten ansikt).

“About a year ago we recieved a request from DNB. They had found some old film reels in a vault marked ‘murderer’ and wondered if it was something that belonged to the National Library. It turned out to be two reels from the missing film” says research librarian Bent Kvalvik.

How the material ended up in the bank boxes remains a mystery, but for the first time in decades it is possible to see a complete version of Leif Sindings film. Released in 1936, the film is based on a novel by Stein Riverton and revolves around the tragic events and a murder at a rich mans farm that leads to a suspect working with horses, ride master Rye. He calls his friend, the private investigator Asbjørn Krag to help him off the suspicions.

Article translated from Dagbladet

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Emma Vestrheim

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