Norway planning new slow TV

Reindeer sledding
Reindeer sledding

“Following the reindeer migration from the Finnmark plateau will be spectacular for an incredible number of TV viewers in Norway, and it will certainly arouse considerable interest abroad,” he told Aftenposten newspaper. “It’s a unique and important aspect of Norwegian and Sami reality, which was created to be told in real time.”

Helium and his team are now looking for a Sami family willing to have their herd filmed on migration, and plan to shoot a pilot on the coming spring to demonstrate that the project is technically feasible, with the broadcast then taking place in spring 2017.

“Something which must be clarified first is whether we can find a herd that can start on command and if the whole thing is technically feasible,”  Ole Rune Hætta, who runs NRK’s Sami language division in Karasjok.

Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.