Nordisk Panorama in Malmö Officially Open

As the focus of this year’s the Nordisk Panorama Film Festival is Finnish film, it is natural that 28th edition of it opened with Finnish director Selma Vilhunen’s film entitled Hobbyhorse Revolution.

In total 110 Nordic short and documentary films will be shown at 12 venues around Malmö, with Spegeln, Inkonst and Panora as the main cinemas. The full programme is available online and in the Nordisk Panorama app. Documentaty films will be competing for the award of Best Nordic Documentary, and short films in three different categories for the awards of Best Nordic Documentary, Best Nordic Short Film and Best New Nordic Voice. A Children’s Choice Award and an Audience Award will also be given to a film during the festival, which ends by celebrating this year’s winners at the glittering NP Awards Gala at Malmö Town Hall on Tuesday 26 September.

In addition to films, a great variety of inspiring events will take place. The Finnish programme includes Narrative Tremor at Malmö Konsthall, and Finnish Line shown at Malmö City Library. Virtual Reality will be playing a central role, occupying the festival’s hub at Inkonst, with free VR experiences. NP Hangout at Inkonst acts as a social hub where Virtual Reality is interwoven with the art exhibition Bird Requiem and “How We Did It” seminars with film creators. As part of the conference programme, masterclasses, seminars and artist talks will be held either as public or industry events.

The Nordisk Panorama Forum, which is the main funding event for the Nordic documentary community, takes place between 24 and 26 September. A total of 24 projects have been selected. On top of this, more than 20 observer+ projects have been selected for special access to meetings with decision-makers.

Barbara Majsa

Barbara is a journalist, editor and film critic. She usually does interviews with film-makers, artists, designers, and writes about cinema, design and books.