Nordisk Panorama Awaits Your Films

Nordisk Panorama Film Festival taking place in Malmö annually wants you to submit your films. To do that, read the regulations, the FAQ page first, then start/continue your festival journey in Skåne in 2018.

Submitting your film to Nordisk Panorama Film Festival, you can be running for the following awards:

  • Best Nordic Documentary
    € 11.000 sponsored by the Nordic public broadcasters
  • Best Nordic Short Film
    €7.000 sponsored by the Nordic director’s associations
  • Best New Nordic Voice
    €3.500 sponsored by Nordic regional film centres

Deadlines for festival submissions:
Films completed in 2017: 15 February
Films completed in 2018: 1 May

You can also submit your film to Nordisk Panorama Market and promote your film to international buyers, distributors, sales agents and festival programmers at Nordisk Panorama Market in September 2018 and on Nordisk Panorama Market Online year round. There are several advantages of using these platforms to promote your film(s), read about them here.

Deadlines for market submissions:
Films completed in 2017: 1 May
Films completed in 2018: 1 August

To be eligible for the festival and market, your film must:

  • qualify as an independent production.
  • qualify as a Nordic production or be directed by a Nordic director.
  • be completed within the current or preceding year.
  • be subtitled in English or English versioned.

Image: Facebook
Source: Nordisk Panorama

Barbara Majsa

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