Nordic television series dominate at the C21 International Drama Awards

The nominees for the C21 International Drama Awards have been announced, with Nordic television series dominating the categories.

In total, six television series have received eight nominations in the 11 categories. The Nordic nominees are:

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Best Digital or Short Form Series:

  • Oslo Zoo (Norway, NRK)

Oslo Zoo follows 30-year-old Amir (from the film DRIB), who, in spite of his master’s degree, struggles to find work. His debt with his girlfriend is growing, so to save their relationship he lies about getting a job at a university, while he really is desperately trying to earn money as an Uber driver.

Oslo Zoo is available to stream on NRK. 

Best Returning Comedy-Drama Series:

  • Norsemen (Norway, NRK & Viafilm)

Set in 790AD, Vikingane features the daily challenges of people living in a small Viking village, from power struggle, brother rivalry, gender equality, to betrayal and friendship. “It’s the story of people from our time, but living during the Viking era. Of course everyday choices have far more dramatic consequences and that makes for great comedy material.

Norsemen is available to stream on Netflix. 

Best Returning Drama Series:

  • Modus (Sweden, Miso Film Sweden)

During a snowy Christmas season in Sweden, psychologist and profiler Inger Johanne Vik finds not only herself but also her autistic daughter drawn into the investigation of a number of disturbing deaths, through which she meets detective Ingvar Nyman of “Rikskrim”, a Swedish national police force. Nyman is dispatched to Uppsala to investigate the shocking Christmas Eve murder of bishop Elisabeth Lindgren. In Stockholm, the bodies keep turning up – though the causes of death vary. But before long, Inger Johanne starts noticing a pattern.

Modus is available to stream on Netflix.

Best Casting of a TV Drama Series:

  • Ride Upon the Storm (Denmark, DR Drama)

The story centres on a family of priests: Johannes, Elisabeth and their sons August and Christian. Johannes is God-like to his sons – he gives, loves, and punishes. His favouritism for August and his disappointment with Christian forces both into making desperate choices in order to either gain his love or break free from him.

Ride Upon the Storm is available on various local streaming platforms – check specifically for your country!

Best Male Performance in a Drama Series:

  • Lars Mikkelsen in Ride Upon the Storm

Best Female Performance in a Drama Series:

  • Heida Reed in Stella Blomkvist (Iceland, Sagafilm)

Heida Reed stars as Stella Blómkvist, a sexy, hard-nosed and quick-witted lawyer with a dark past, fluid sexuality and a taste for whiskey and easy money. Her cases always lead to danger and her latest will plunge her into a violent political conspiracy.

Stella Blomkvist has limited availability around the world.

Best Non-English Drama Series:

  • Ride Upon the Storm
  • Home Ground (Norway, NRK)

When a newly promoted football club loses its coach just before the start of the league season, a woman, Helena Mikkelsen, gets the historic chance to coach the team, even before an ambitious player who was promised the job.

Sadly, Home Ground hasn’t been distributed internationally. If you are in Norway, it’s on NRK. 

You can view the full list of nominees at the C21 website. 


Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.