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The Nordisk Film and TV Fond has released a list of Nordic producers who are featuring as part of the Cannes Festival’s ‘Producers on the Move’. Read here:

This year’s Nordic quintet that will attend the networking event ‘Producers on the Move’ at the Cannes Film Festival from May 17-19, 2014 are Denmark’s Eva Jakobsen, Finland’s Mark Lwoff, Iceland’s Árni Filippusson, Norway’s Teréz Hollo-Klausen and Sweden’s Peter Lindblad.

Selected by the national institutes and members of the European Film Promotion (EFP), the upcoming Nordic producers and their 19 European counterparts will take part in one to one speed dating meetings and working sessions and for the first time, the Council of Europe’s Eurimages will invite them to attend a case study presented by the Fund’s Executive Director Roberto Olla.

Eva Jakobsen worked at Zentropa from 2004-2007 before joining Nimbus Film in 2008. She worked on Valhalla Rising before producing her first feature, the acclaimed family film Antboy (2012). She is currently in production on the sequel Antboy 2 directed again by Ask Hasselbalch. The Nimbus Film project is co-produced with Germany’s Junafilm.

Mark Lwoff is co- founder of the established Finnish production house Bufo. Features to his credit include The Interrogation (2010) by Jörn Donner, The Nordic Council Film Prize nominee 2011 The Good Son by Zaida Bergroth, the drama Concrete Night by Pirjo Honkasalo (awarded six Jussi awards this year including Best Film), and the dramaKorso by first timer Akseli Tuomivaara. Lwoff has in post-production the black comedySwedish Moment and Tuomivaara’s new project White Point.

Árni Filippusson founded Reykjavik-based Mystery Productions in 2006 with Davíd Óskar Ólafsson. Together they produced two films by Valdís Óskarsdóttir (Country Wedding, Kings Road) and Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson’s debut Either Way, remade in the US by David Gordon Green under the title Prince Avalanche. Their latest filmMetalhead by Ragnar Bragason won eight Edda awards in 2013. Filipusson’s upcoming project is Óskar Olafsson’s debut feature Bakkstarring Gunnar Hansson.

Teréz Hollo-Klausen has held various production jobs since 1999. The first feature film that she produced for Cinenord was Totally True Love by Anne Sewitsky. She produced the kids hit Casper & Emma Best Friends (also for Cinenord) and is now developing the youth film Dryads with director Sten Hellevig and US scriptwriter Randall Jahnsen (The Doors).

Petter Lindblad has just set up his own production house Snowcloud Films in Stockholm, specialising in animation films for children and youth. His first experience in feature film production was with Zentropa in 2005. Two years later he moved to the animation shingle Copenhagen Bombay where he worked on The Apple and the Wormby Anders Morgenthaler and The Great Bear by Esben Toft Jacobsen. In 2011 he set up Copenhagen Bombay’s Swedish office for which he produced Beyond Beyond, currently in the cinemas. His projects for Snowcloud Films include the 3D animation feature Benny and the Kids by Maria Avramova.

via the Nordisk Film and TV Fond

Emma Vestrheim

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