Nordic Networking and Sales in Cannes


The Danish Film Institute has released an article discussing the success of the Nordic region at Cannes this past week. Read it in Danish here on the translation below:

Cannes Film Festival is nothing but glamor and red carpets. It is also a place where newly hatched film producers can meet the more seasoned colleagues and learn from their experiences.

For the second year in a row, the Danish Film Institute in cooperation with the Danish Film School of Continuing Education initiated the Young Producers Club, where 25 young Nordic produce over three days, partly through presentations and case studies have strengthened their insight into producer profession.This year, participants will meet filmmakers as Danish Bo Ehrhardt, who was one of the forces behind the acclaimed Danish-Swedish television detective series “The Bridge” and the British Jeremy Thomas, who produced the instructor legends like Bernardo Bertolucci and Cannes-current David Cronenberg .

Movies Update asked three filmmakers who variously took part in the event, how Young Producers Club helps to prepare participants for future film market.

A place to meet during the hectic Cannes

Nordisk Film & TV Fond, which is a key support and sparring body within the Nordic film and TV production, is one of the sponsors behind.

“Young Producers Club offers young people produce a unique opportunity to expand their international networks and to teach their colleagues from neighboring countries to know during the intensive and hectic Cannes days,” says Petri Kemppinen.

“Although the Nordic Film & TV Fund is not just about co-productions, so it is important to produce cooperate – and it only gets more important in the future because film distribution is changing rapidly in recent years. Therefore, you as a producer knowing anything about the situation in neighboring countries, “said Kemppinen, adding:

“Fruitful cooperation is largely based on personal relationships and that you know your partner.”

Eating cherries with major future

Among the participants at this year’s Young Producers Club was Nicholas Vibe Michelsen. He is part of the development company Creative Alliance, among other counts Per Fly, Thomas Vinterberg and Lone Scherfig, which aims to make films for the English speaking market. For Vibe Michelsen says Young Producers Club for both knowledge and networks:

“I participated because it is an opportunity to meet with committed colleagues and prospective business partners, which is well under way to gain a foothold in the film industry. Bit like eating cherries with the great – while they are small.”

“It also brought a lot of knowledge with them. Combination of young people produce with great zest and presentations from more experienced produce created good energy. It is especially interesting to hear how young people relate to the challenges of the current film industry,” says Vibe Michelsen that by supporting the work of the Creative Alliance have a good idea of ​​the possibilities for international collaboration.

“But it was still interesting to me to hear about colleagues’ experiences – for example, projects that are ‘between boxes’ or otherwise not’ fit ‘.”

More ways to finance

Katrin Mersmann, consultant for Nordic co-productions in the regional film fund in the states of Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, was mentor to a case study on the financing of Young Producers Club’s last day.

For Mersmann, who sees the initiative as a welcome opportunity for young people to produce together during the Cannes festival, it also came to act concretely to broaden the participants’ perspective on co-productions.

“They had the insight that there is more than one way to finance projects. My impression was that participants were most comfortable with to co-produce with people from the other Nordic countries, because most of them already have experience with it. But our case study provide insight into what you need into consideration if you wish to obtain funding in for example Germany, both regionally and nationally, “says Mersmann.

Young Producers Club took place from 16 to 18 May during the Cannes Festival. Behind the initiative is the Danish Film Institute and the Danish Film School of Continuing Education.

Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.