Nordic Film and TV Club

Nordic film and television has become popular around the world, and Cinema Scandinavia has launched the Nordic Film and TV Club as a community for fans around the world. The Nordic Film and TV Club is kind of like a book club, but instead of books we will watch popular Nordic movies!

Find the Nordic Film and TV Club on Facebook

Find the Nordic Film and TV Club on our forum

How it works

Every month, Cinema Scandinavia will publish a list of films that will be the focus for the club (scroll down to see May 2018). Each week, starting Fridays, we’ll put up a discussion thread on our Facebook Group for that particular film. After watching the film, you’re invited to post your thoughts in that thread and discuss the film with others.

Cinema Scandinavia will also release articles and goodies about the film both on our website and our Facebook group throughout the week.

We will also provide the films to watch through our newsletter.

What movies will be selected?

As we are trying to be as global as possible, the films we will select will be ones that are readily available in major countries around the world. We will also select a mixture of films that are famous, and perhaps some that are not so famous. This way, you’ll build your understanding of Nordic film!

Will you provide the films?

Sadly we are unable to provide any access to the film. However, we will do our best to list as many possible ways to watch the film as we can.

How do I join?

You can join our Facebook Group by clicking here. 

You can also discuss the films via our forum, which you can find by clicking here. 

The Nordic Film and TV Club is free!

Do I have to participate every week?

No – come and go as you please!



Suggest a film

To suggest a film, send us a message on Facebook or email as at We are happy to include your suggestions!