New round of Norwegian Film Institute support


Article from the Norwegian Film Institute

The Norwegian Film Institute supports Norwegian director Arild Andresen’s new feature, Handle With Care – five series for television and the development of 12 games.

Norwegian director Arild Andresen, who has worked on television since The Orheim Company (Kompani Orheim) in 2012, is preparing his next film, Handle With Care (Hjertestarter), with €1.4 million (NOK 11.4 million) backing from the Norwegian Film Institute.

Scripted by Hilde Susan Jægtnes, Jorge Camacho og Arild Andresen, and produced by Hans-Jørgen Osnes for Motlys, Andresen’s third feature follows a Norwegian offshore worker, Kjetil, whose wife dies, and he is left with their six-year-old adopted son, Daniel. Out of desperation, Kjetil goes with Daniel to find the boy’s biological mother, while assisted in his search by a taxi driver in Bogotá, Daniel reconnects with his country of origin.

Five television series

The film institute also decided to allocate production funding €152,000 (NOK 12.8 millon) for five television series – nine projects had applied, the following were awarded:

Oljefondet. Dir: Harald Zwart. Prods: Espen Horn, Tom Gulbrandsen, for Zwart Arbeit; Veslemøy Ruud Zwart (executive producer). Created by Gulbrandsen (who co-scripted with Zwart), the series follows the inner circles at the Norwegian Oil Fund, the world’s largest, daily trading for billions.

Aber Bergen. Dir: Ole Endresen. Prod: Eldar Nakken, for ITV Studios Norway.  Created by Gjermund Stenberg Eriksen, who also wrote the script, the series is about two lawyers, Erik Aber Elea Bergen – although separated, they still share offices and a son. Conclusion: lawyers are also human – some more than others.

Førti, feit og ferdig. Dir: Line Fougner Christensen. Prod co: Seefood TV (for TV2). Based on an idea by Terje Solli, who also scripted with Fougner Christensen and lead actress Linn Skåber, the situation comedy depicts a woman’s struggle to get her life back on track, after the breakup of her relationship.

Unge lovende. Dir: Eirik Svensson  Prods: Maren Onsaker, Bård Fjulsrud, Håkon Briseid, for Monster Scripted (for NRK). Siri Seljeseth , Birgitte Ruustad Wegener and Mads Løken’s screenplay follows three woman friends in their mid 20s, all talented, dreaming of making it big in their respective fields. But the road to adulthood is full of obstacles, particularly themselves.

The Spy Crew (Nilam & Banden). Dir/Prod: Bjørn Tore Hallem. Prod co: TMM Produksjon (for NRK Super). A thriller series for children (between 4 and 8), scripted by Carl Gunnar Eltervaag og Kirsten Bonnèn Rask, about Malin, Otto and George, a close team investigating and solving cases in their immediate environment.

Twelve games

From 47 applications for game development, 12 projects received a total of €0.9 million (NOK 7.4 milion), including Elias og jakten på nordlyset (from Ravn), Troll mot Vikinger 2 (Megapop), Warhammer Arcane Magic (Turbo Tape Games), Redux Ark (Hyper Games), Earthlock: Det endelige minnet (Snow Castle), Degrees of Separation (Amphora), The Iconoclasts (Bifrost), Manual Samuel (Perfectly Paranormal), Cube Cube (Team DOS), Fugl (Gjestland Film), Frostrunen (Grimnir), and Orbit (4Bit Games).

Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.