New Nordic composers make it big in Russia

Thanks to Apollo Music, the Nordic composers Jesper Hansen and Halfdan E. Nielsen have found it big in Russia.

Both Danish composers scored the popular Russian horror film The Bride last year, and now interest abroad in Nordic talent is growing. Hansen is currently working on a new Russian series titled Oskolki, which will be broadcast on Russia-1, the country’s second most popular channel.

Jesper and Halfdan haven’t been spotted on their own. The Danish music company Apollo Music has facilitated the connection between the composers and the Russian production companies.

Einar Helde, Head of Sales & Licensing, Danish composer Halfdan E. Nielsen, Vlad, and Jesper.

“There’s a huge interest in Nordic composers and musicians after the popular Nordic Noir genre broke through some years ago. Thus we experience more often than earlier that our foreign clients and partners are interested in hiring Nordic composers for their films and TV shows. You can potentially reach hundreds of millions of viewers in Russia and the CIS countries combined, so as a composer and company you have the opportunity to export incredible Nordic film culture to a new audience”, says Claus Kaiser Evald Andersen, CEO at Apollo Music.  

At the moment Apollo Music is also working on the Russian/Estonian version of the Nordic Noir phenomenon The Bridge which was originally a Danish and Swedish co-production. The show is in post production. Founded in 1979 in Copenhagen, Apollo Music delivers and creates music for films, TV, commercials and more. Their headquarters is located in Copenhagen, but they have offices in Oslo, Tallinn, Warsaw and Buenos Aires. 

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Emma Vestrheim

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