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goro underreal

Sweden’s SVT is preparing the new drama series Ögon blå, which is a conspiracy thriller about power and deceit in the political area. The 10×60 series produced by Strix Drama is written by Alex Haridi and directed by Henrik Georgsson (known for The Bridge) and Fredrik Edfeldt (known for The Girl). 

In her first major role is rising talent Louise Peterhoff who plays Elin Hammar, ex-government chief of staff, now working in a restaurant. One day she receives an unexpected visit from her former boss, the Minister of Justice (Sven Nordin) who wants to reinstate her. She accepts and is immediately thrown into a web of lies and deceit as she tries to uncover the truth about her predecessor’s mysterious disappearance. Other cast members include Adam Lundgren (Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves) who plays a violent right wing extremist, Anna Bjelkerud and Marie Richardson. Airing on SVT is scheduled for the autumn, after Sweden’s general elections.

Via the Nordisk Film and TV Fond