New details on the upcoming series ‘Nobel’

New details about the upcoming series Nobel have been released by the Norwegian pubcaster NRK.

The series stars Aksel Hennie as a special soldier of the Armed Forces Special Command and revolves around the involvement in Afghanistan. NRK released a press release about the series, which you can read below:

In the series we meet Aksel Hennie in the lead role of Lieutenant Erling Riiser.  Erling is the Defence Special Command and on the way home to Norway after a longer stay in Afghanistan. Much has gone wrong, and more soldiers are missing on the plane home.

After just one day in Norway Erling receives a message from an acquaintance of Afghanistan in Oslo – and that can only mean one thing: A woman is in danger. Erling’s decision is crucial: Should he wait until he gets confirmation message or should he follow his intuition and seek to prevent a murder?

The days that follow will be hectic. Who sent the message to Erling? What does Erling’s wife, Johanne, who works for the Foreign Minister, know about the message? Erling becomes a pawn in a big political power games only increase. Many of those involved wants peace in Afghanistan. But how far are they willing to go?

“Nobel” gives us close friendships, complicated family relationships, dramatic war scenes and political perspectives in a story that entertains and challenges, is recognizable yet surprising and not least exciting.


Familiekoooz!  Photo: Eirik Evjen / Monster
Photo: Eirik Evjen / Monster
Volvo field regrettably in Afghanistan.  Photo: Eirik Evjen / Monster
Photo: Eirik Evjen / Monster


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